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Manage Repertoire

What is a repertoire?

A repertoire is a collection of chess variations that you want to study, usually organized by opening.

On En Croissant, the repertoire is just a normal PGN file, so you can add variations to it just like you would in a game. However, by marking a file as a repertoire you're enabling the training mode, which will help you study the positions inserted.

Creating a repertoire

To create a repertoire, go to the Files page, click on the Create button and select Repertoire. Open the file and start adding variations to it. You can also set a position as the starting position of the repertoire by clicking right-clicking on the move in the notation and selecting Mark as start.

Practice mode

In the Info panel, you can enable the training mode by clicking on the Practice button. This will enable the training mode, which will show you the next move in the repertoire and allow you to play it on the board.

Missing moves

There's a chance that you don't have all the moves covered in your repertoire. You can check by clicking on the Find missing moves button in the Info panel. This will use your reference database to find the missing moves that aren't covered by your repertoire, as well as how often they're played and how well they perform.

You can change both the percentage and minimum number of games that a move needs to be considered by changing the settings in Settings > Opening Report.